Viva La Revolution

This morning I was at the gas station. While I was standing outside my car (no static electricity for me, thanks...I'm not paranoid), I looked at the little ad buddy above the pump. It was an ad for mini Coopers. Here (more or less) is what it said...

Next time you get gas, go inside to pay. Talk to the cashier. Ask them the craziest thing they have ever seen at work. They'll probably have a great story. Or they may say, "Here's your change." Either way, it's just good to talk to people.

I was so happy. This is something that I first really started thinking about when my brother's prof brought it up in his Christian Ethics class. Even though all this convenience stuff (pay-at-the-pump, self-checkout at the grocery store, redbox dvds, self-checkout at the library)is supposed to be for convenience, it ultimately succeeds in cutting out a lot of interaction in our days (depending on the day, and how much money we have to spend that day). I realize that the usual discourse is...

"Hello" (my personal favorite greeting)
"How's it going?"
"Well, have a good day."
"Thanks, you too."

But part of why our interaction is so lame is our lack of experience in interacting due to all our "conveniences." I'm not suggesting that this is the sole culprit. This has been a problem for a long time (see the film Good Morning). But we need to become better conversationalists. Take the time to really interact with the people at the grocery store.

This is something I'm still working on myself. For the sake of honesty, I have to admit that I read this just after I had paid at the pump. I guess my point is that we do all this stuff to save time, but it doesn't really save us that much time. With the four extra minutes I saved by not going inside, I was able to sit at work today four extra minutes. Not really worth it.

My grounding for all of this is that I believe we were created to interact. It's the way the Trinity works, and that's what I think part of the Imago Dei is. If our conversations start out worthless, it gives us a place to improve. What what.


Jagey said...

So, uh...how's it going?

Jeff BBz said...

Good Morning, Huh? Sweet movie! Did you self check it out at the Library? I bought the criterion dvd in Pakistan for about 70 cents, I rule! (It's from Japan, not Korea, by the way,just in case)(just kidding, I'm a bastard)(not kidding about the Japan part)

I really liked this post and I wish I had time to comment on it, ecpecially since I am based in a culture that emphasizes relationality (sort of, at least surface level) and de-emphasizes actually doing things. I wish I could talk about the awesomeness and shortfalls of that. But i don't have any dern time. Maybe some day. Thanks for the phone call Jage. I miss you guys both. and I hate these passwords for comments. I can never tell the v's and u's and always get it wrong.

Jeff BBz said...

and i like to hear you talk about the trinity, you grenzster, you.

Jagey said...

Man, I really like the mini coopers, especially now that I can customize and order one online without having to go through any icky human contact.

wasn't that the point of this post?

Also, I agree with Jeff about the passwords for comments but I think it's a better alternative than viagra commercials.

Jeff BBz said...

Jagey is your picture luke fetters?

Jagey said...

No, that is my picture from Maxwell Middle School this year. I made it sepia and put a fake frame on it for kicks because that is what I do. I kick.

Jeff BBz said...

wow. your head has gotten longer and you have really grown into looking almost exactly like luke fetters. congratulations. hows bridger doing?

Ryan 1 said...

Actually, while you've been gone Paco, Jon became Luke Fetters. And I'm terribly sorry about the password. Tell everyone in the world not to put ads on the comments, and I will take it off. Thanks for swinging by Paco. And I was going to get the Criterion edition for the same price, except replace cents with dollars, and that's the deal I get here...for JAPANESE movies. I get it. I'm fallible. I don't know anything. Bye.

Jagey said...

You can refer to my comments regarding "Luke" "Fetters" at Midwest Mindset. I believe everyone but the two of you will be very confused.

And Paco, in case you read this before you read the comments over there, let me know if you want me to do my idea thing.

Well, gotta go!


Trevor said...

I don't think I can compete with the already posted comments, but this is a great reminder. I got all excited about it when my prof discussed it and was back to self-checkout (not checking myself out, that's different but fun) the next week. I suck so much I need to read this post everyday.

Matt from LA said...

The sad thing is that the ad you saw was for boosting junk food/fountain drink sales inside the stores. The ad was about money.