Dark Enterprises

Happy V-Day everybody. Just because I'm such an incredible husband, I'm ditching my wife to go see Reggie and the Full Effect tonight. Okay, I'm not really ditching, since she has class until later in the evening. I'm not that bad (actually I probably am).

Even though this is my third Reggie experience, I'm pretty happy about it. Oslo, I found out the gender of my next relative to come hang out in the world. What will the child be? I'm not telling because it's laid out like that. I'm pretty happy about the way things shaped up, although I don't think I would have been let down either way because I am that great as an uncle.

Say uncle, Okep is back in the States which is probably a mixed bag for him. But we're happy to have you back here fella. Greetings. Nosterblaster.


Jeff BBz said...

thanks sun. its weird as hell and i went to this grocery store and there was all this food and lights and i got really disoreinted and almost cried like i was freaking out and going crazy and then i ate at taco bell.

Trevor said...

I'm glad the previous comment ended with taco bell. It's kind of like a chiasm.

You are a dang sweet uncle. Peep that.