Pobre David

Warning: If you like the American version of The Office and haven't watched the original, you should do so, but there also some plot spoilers for what will certainly be coming on the American version...

I'm watching Bones right now (I'm not sure why. I don't really like it, but I'm on spring break so get off my freaking back) and as a special guest star, David Denman is on the show. The odd thing is that his character is engaged to a woman who cheats on him and leaves him.

Perhaps you're thinking, who is David Denman? Let's go over some of his recent work.

-Most notably and recently, he plays Roy on the American version of the Office. In the Office, Roy is engaged to Pam, who is currently falling for Jim, and will eventually leave Roy for Jim (I know that has not yet come to pass, but come on. You know it's coming...between the current build-up going on and Dawn's decision in the original, seriously). Engaged to a woman who cheats on him and leaves him.

-In Film, he played Don Price in Big Fish. In Big Fish, Sandra is engaged to him and then decides to leave him for Edward.

What's going on here? Typecasting? If so, I feel bad for David Denman. He better watch out. There's another David D. who played the same type of role for too long and couldn't get any other roles. How many people have seen House of D? (It's good, by the way). Of course, I don't know if the same can take place when he keeps playing smallish roles. David Duchovny was the main character on a show for years, so maybe it's all a bunch of crap. All I'm saying is, if your name is David D. and you are an aspiring actor, try to mix up the roles. That's good advice from a big silly man.

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Jagey said...

David D (the second one you mentioned) is in an upcoming film with Julianne Moore and (it actually took me a while to realize who it was in the movie trailer) Billy Crudup. It looks fairly good and I'm sure it won't come to Fort Wayne. It's called Trust the Man.