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My faith in American film has been renewed! (I only get two exclamation points in my life, so using one on this is pretty amazing) I don't watch that many American films anymore, because I'm trying to get through all the foreign films in the Criterion Collection (which if you are not familiar with it, contains about a thousand films...I have a long way to go). Yet two movies in the last week have made me glad for American film.

On Thursday, I went to the library and The Squid and the Whale was available for me. I was expecting it to be pretty fantastic, but what a beautiful piece of art. As I was watching it, I thought that it bore Wes Anderson's flair for subtle and beautiful characters and moments that point to life experience with ingenious charm. Then the film ended and it said: "Produced by Wes Anderson" Oh yes. I couldn't believe what a time it was. This is the kind of thing that puts America on par with the rest of the world in film-making.

I realize the Squid and the Whale has been out for awhile, but it takes a long time to get newer stuff from the library. So everybody should see it (except maybe Trevor because I think you hate Wes Anderson's work).

The second deal was Naked Lunch. I know I'm a huge jerk for not having seen this when I was in high school, but I didn't, leave me alone. I don't know what is so appealing to me about absurdist films, but I love them so bad. They make me very happy and enjoyable. I was reminded of such great films as Brazil, Breakfast of Champions, and of course Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (it's probably not coincidental that Vonnegut, Thompson, and Burroughs are three of my favorite authors).

All this is to say that you can't say that all American films are bad. Nobody would try to say this so my point is completely useless. Thank you for indulging me. Hoozah.

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Trevor said...

You say I don't like Wes Anderson but I haven't even seen Corpse Bride so I really can't say.

I saw Benchwarmers today. It is made in America and I laughed.