Two Great Dates

I have two new favorite quotes. One is serious and one is not as serious. The first one is from Wisdom Ways by Elizabeth Schussler-Fiorenza. I was reading it in the library the other day and I started crying in the library. I cry too much. That's why my nickname was Cryin-Ryan in middle school. Anyway. She is talking about Brecht's method of 'defamiliarization' and applying each type of defamiliarization with the Beatitudes.

"Finally, one can defamiliarize the text by spelling out the situation in which the text is heard today:
Blessed are the poor--Never again Rwanda; Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice--Never again Auschwitz; Blessed are the peacemakers--Never again Baghdad and Kosovo."

I just started crying a bit again when I was typing this. I'm a putz. Anyway, I think that speaks for itself.

Now onto my other favorite quote. This is really self-indulgent, because I'm the one who said it. Yesterday we had to do inventory at work and my boss said, "I hope this doesn't take all night." Then I said,

"Hope only pays the bills in unicorn world."

Feel free to use that whenever you need to. I'm pretty proud of it. I guess that means I will get no props from God for it. Oh well, I probably wouldn't get Divine Props for something like that anyway.


Jagey said...

This actually ties in with both of your posts. There is an animated film coming out in November (American). It's called Happy Feet and it's about penguins who sing and dance and that's about all I know. That's one of the reasons I'm excited about this film; American cinema has gotten into the bad habit of showing the entire movie in the preview and that really annoys me. The two trailers I have seen for Happy Feet don't really tell you anything about the movie at all, except that there are a lot of penguins and they like to sing and dance. And they speak Spanish.

Anyway, I know that as November approaches, we will see movie trailers for Happy Feet that will ruin the experience, but for now, I like this movie. There is also a quote that I think is awesome, mostly because I am short. A penguin voiced by Robin Williams approaches a much taller penguin and says, "Hello. I know that size can be daunting, but don't be afraid. I love you. I LOVE YOU!"

I say that all the time now, and I don't know why.

Trevor said...

I don't know what to do with myself now that you're posting so much! Part of me wants to dance with elation and the other part of me just wants to read the posts. That part just won.

To jagey's comment: I don't think Ry-dogg will like Happy Feet as the last American movie he liked was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Good lines Ry. I think I'd be more likely to cry if I'd read it in context the first time and I am glad you brought some flava to inventory. It's not salty.

Jagey said...

Crouching Tiger, while widely released in the states and directed by a someone known in the U.S., was shot entirely in China, with Chinese dollars, Chinese actors, a Chinese director, and communism. So I don't know if I would really call it an "American" movie.

I don't know why I felt compelled to contest that.

Happy Easter.

Jeff BBz said...

You weren't called cryin ryan in middle school because you were sentimental. You were called that because you a wuss bag. Like that time Rusty gillespie punched you in the stomach and you got in trouble for it, probably based on Mr. cunningham's wise discernment that you were crying to much as a result of your being, yes, a wuss bag.

good quote though.

See you in like two days dude! booyah! I'm so pumped!

Jeff BBz said...

i meant "you were a wuss bag" not, "you a wuss bag!" That's probably why they called me, "grammer bammer" during middle school.

Jeff BBz said...

In the mean time i read your post about naked lunch and I wish you would have waited for me because i never saw it but i want to bad! And also in the vain of jagey technicalities, David cronenberg is canadian, so technically you still hate american cinema (as for the most part you should) (although I can't refute squid and whale which i also didn't see, but want to and hear is good.) We should watch some sweet movies together, when i come, (i mean unless you have real physical activites in mind, which are cool too). I brought mine just in case the library doesn't have anything to offer. but it sounds like its a good libro.

Ryan 1 said...

The library has EVERYTHING to offer. And we can definitely watch all the sweet movies ever. Also, I was never under the notion that my sentimentality was the cause of cryin'ryan. I was just saying that I've always cried a lot (although the reasons have changed). I never cry in pain or stuff like that anymore because you guys made me dislike myself so much in junior high. Maybe I'll go cry about that now. See you in TWO DANG DAYS (JJ, you should come too)

Jagey said...

ok. i'm there, wuss bag.

Trevor said...

I've been away awhile but I wanted to respond to jagey's insensitive comments about Crouching Tiger. If you have to be so dang nit-picky then let's just go with House of Flying Daggers. Don't even try to tell me that's not American! Americans love daggars.

I can attest that Ryan doesn't cry out of pain anymore.

Jagey said...

Trevor, you are the nit of my pick.

Or is it the pick of my nit?

I like 'em both.

Talk to you later, Ryan and Nit of My Pick/Pick of My Nit...

...to be continued...