May Day

Today is a dang big day for we Americans. Today loads of people are marching to fight new bills that will further oppress and marginalize "illegal" immigrants. This morning I went to the march in Denver, and it was absolutely amazing. I'm not sure I've ever seen so many people in the same place in my life. I felt like a part of something so unbelievably much bigger than myself. It was incredible. It was also great to see quite a few people who are pasty Americans who came out to support the cause. I didn't know if I would be the only whitey in the crowd and I definitely wasn't.

As with all marches, there were lots of signs. Some of them were especially poignant. Many said, "No Human Is Illegal." One said, "What Do You Think Of Mexico? You Are Standing In It" (because this is Colorado, which used to be part of Mexico before we stole it). I also liked, "Freedom of Speech Means We Can Speak English And Spanish." One white lady had a sign that said, "My Grandparents Were Immigrants." This is just a small sample of the many great signs that were there.

There was also a group of people from Mexico at the front doing sweet traditional dancing and singing. It was really fantastic to see people able to celebrate their heritage like that.

Ultimately I was somewhat conflicted. Some people had signs for Che and other violent revolutionaries. While I am completely on board for immigrant reform and a better attitude toward recent immigrants (I say recent because ALL americans are immigrants), I also cannot side with those who utilize violence as a means to any necessary reform. At the same time, I do not expect those who are not following Jesus to embrace His message of peace. Outside the Kingdom of God, violence may very well be a necessary method of reform. These are the thoughts that I was struggling with. In any case, it was really great to see and in a small way be a part of something so historic and hopefully non-violently revolutionary for this nation.


Trevor said...

Let's talk more about this sometime bro. I've never looked into it too much so I'd love to hear more of what you know.

Jagey said...

I'm curious about what it is like for the two of you in Colorado. While there has been a slight increase in the Hispanic population of Huntington over the past few years, I have no idea if these people are immigrants, illegal or no.

Also, while I think I lean toward your sympathies, Rye-bread "wuss bag" Ryno, I can't help but wonder if as many Mexican immigrants would cross the border if things were better off in Mexico and if the corporations would pay fairer wages so that Americans would work those jobs as well.

Maybe this is an offensive way to view the situation. Of course, it is much easier to be offensive, probably without realizing it, when you live in Fort Wayne and never really deal with "those people." I'm just curious as to what you think. Because what you think matters to me.

Vote for me. I'm a racist.

Jagey said...