Today the pool opened up for the summer at our place. Hooray, right? Until I smashed my face into the bottom and got cut/scraped in eight places. The point is not sympathy, it is to share that I have been watching tv/movies all afternoon. Now there's a 100 best comedies special on Bravo. After reading Movie Wars, I should know better than to trust such things, but here are my complaints (beyond the lack of ANY movies that have been made outside the U.S. or before 1970 so far).

-There are some excellent choices, such as MP's Holy Grail, Raising Arizona, and The Big Lebowski...coming in in the 40's and 30's on the list. 40-year old virgin and Legally Blonde made the list before these. I think that they HAD to pull movie titles out of a hat if this is the order. Also, for good stuff like the previously mentioned and Annie Hall, they get good people to talk about it who know what they are talking about. For these other terribles that beat the goodies, they have the senior editor of Teen People, they editor-in-chief of Dailycandy.com, and other people who wouldn't know a decent movie if Jonathan Rosenbaum showed up on their front door with a projector and reel and made them watch it and gave them a 30-point list of why it is incredible and had them type it out while he said it and then printed it off and sent to a publisher, who published it because its so good (we are talking Rosenbaum here) and sent a comp copy to them and they read it and take notes on it and Rosenbaum gave them an exam on it and they got a hundred percent and they still think Legally Blonde is better.

-Comedy? 100 greatest comedies? What kind of comedies? Nevermind the host of other problems, there are too many kinds of comedies. They're on number 30 here, and $50 says Donny Darko and Fight Club don't make the list. They sure should. But with the way things are going, White Chicks is going to be number one, followed closely by Malibu's Most Wanted.

-They breeze over with no commentary, some of the best movies on the list. For example, extended commentary was featured on Austin Powers, and simply mentioned good-os like Good Morning, Vietnam.

Who works for Bravo? They're not very good. I shouldn't be surprised, and I'm not. But it's still lame. On the side, my copy of World Film Directors, vol. 1 that I ordered came today, so I can look at that and feel better about the world. It's the hammer.


Trevor said...

Two things:
1. Come on, Malibu's most wanted is a funner.
2. Nice use of the hammer, I'm honored and I laughed really hard remembering how we laughed really hard.

Jeff BBz said...

hey sweet so you read movie wars? pretty good huh, yeah i thought so. i can't type very well now cause im tired. but cool. we should talk sometime i have a new phone now so i should give you the number. later or now 260-422-5158. do it!

Jeff BBz said...

boring, you never heard of posting rye rye? yeah thats what i thought you skank. you might as well go skank to some ska music for all i care.

ska ska ska, oi oi oi

Jagey said...

I love ska. I love you posting more.

I got a job (sorry, I'm just excited).

Jagey said...

Shoot...Happy Birthday! Dang, I can't believe I forgot. Sorry about that. Things get a little crazy around here and sometimes important stuff like Ryan's birthday gets overlooked. Speaking of crazy, here's your tentative b-day present, a rambling e-mail I received today from one of my uncles.

I promise that I did nothing to alter this e-mail other than removing his name. Oh man, my family is awesome...

"Yes Uncle _______ now shown his face of writing back too you Jon, knowing your joy of new and upcoming life with a Family, a new Job, and Home, for the Present Future of Happiness in the realm of the Physical Earth that surrounds you. Yes this very good on your part be a feel good way for striking the right ways of a Christian Life, for I glad for YOU and thankful for writing in a Email nobody else knows exist. For this the very thing that surprised me you are here. So seek the narrow path of righteousness for I think your progress has gone well and fast and the way of completeness as YOUR Father and Mother had hope for with prayer supplication in the days to come will be ruff when the life systems come crashing down in the future of our Governments as YOU know will not last as prophecies tell us. SO continue be with OUR LORD in your remaining of Youth of your young adulthood and carry on in the right directions for this is great. Uncle _______"

Hope your B-day was beyond fantastic. Talk to you later, man,