Don't Stop The Beat

Last week I bought a ticket to see Death Cab in August. I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to go or not, but I'm pretty excited now. Just now I was checking out some sites for info on tours of my number one bands. Architecture in Helsinki is going to be in NY, so I can't go. Then I went to the ole' Mates of State site, and it said they are in Denver for two days in August. I looked further and found out they're opening for Death Cab. What a beautiful gift from above. I did not expect this and it is the best. I can't believe what good fortune I have as a human being right now. Also, I hate cologne. And sorry I don't post much. I don't like to very much anymore. I'm fickle. Fickle as a pickled nickle.

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Trevor said...

My heart sank when you said you don't like to post much anymore. Sank like a sinker, a big sinker. I have some cologne in my drawer I never use.