Walking on Sunshine

I just finished my last final which is not as big of a deal as usual because I had two easy guys and one toughy. So now I'm able to do what I want, which includes reading NT Wright's new book on the Bible. In the forward he mentions www.ntwrightpage.com. What a sweet joyous resource. It's like a fount of sweet nectarous Peach Fresca emanating from heaven blessed by Our High Priest.

In case you were wondering, why is Ryan getting all Charles Wesley on us? It's because I love me some N.T. Wright. In many of my studies, Wright emerges as completely right. I'm going to go ahead and not back up that claim at all, because we all know that you can say whatever you want if you are writing it for the internet. I know that grape jelly is empirically the greatest flavor of jelly since its inception in 754ce.

I know that at least Trevor reads this junk and he is a pastor. Of course we know that all good pastors steal their sermons from the internet. So I will be expecting to hear how the response was to your sermon entitled "The Prince of Peace" on Sunday, Trevor.

On a similar note, I got the second season of Arrested Development from the library last week, and it's real good buddies. I'm telling you for reals. Then I found out that they might get cancelled after this season. That would be a big-time no-no. But then as an add-on bonus, Showtime said they would pick it up if it got cancelled. This would be a doubly blessing/curse simultaneous to the death of Andre the Giant. The reason is that I could not watch it ever on the Television set, because I do not receive showtime. However, the same gang is true for Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I am entirely accustomed to waiting for the episodes to come out on digital vido discs so the gracious public library will use my membership fees known as taxes to purchases said video discs and allow me to borrow them for three weeks.

I think that if I had a friend that would willingly let me borrow things for three weeks but then started charging me after that, it would be a strained relationship. I would get kind of annoyed and think that they should probably offer me grace, but a combo of me feeling judgmental and me being too afraid of conflict to say anything would result in me saying, "It's no problem" a lot but feeling slighted nonetheless.

To avoid complete anacoluthon, if Arrested Development ends up on Showtime, it would mean that the show is still being made, which is better for everyone. Even if I can't watch Fresh Episodes (I hate that expression, they use it on ads for new episodes on the WB...television isn't fruit...I'm not at the grocery store in the produce department, I'm trying to watch the not-as-good-as-the-original-but-still-really-funny-american-version-of The Office...and why is the WB advertising on NBC anyway, don't they dislike each other...if my business were shouting at people that they should go eat at L&L's Hawaiian Barbecue (which you should do if you're in Denver ever), would I also join the guy next to me yelling at people to go eat at Fobidden City Buffet (which, incidentally, you should NOT eat at if you are in Denver ever)?...definitely not) of Arrested Development, it will be nice that they are out there for me to enjoy at some point.

Speaking of Curb Your Enthusiasm, there is an all evening marathon of Season Five on New Year's Eve, and I will be back in Denver, where my brother has HBO 67 feet from my house. Since my brother is basically the only person who read this junk, this is my completely inappropriate and public way of asking if he can leave me some way to get into his house so I can tape it. Speaking of junk in the trunk, The New Pornographers are doing a New Year's Eve show at the Metro in Chi-town and we will already be back in the D-train. I bet ole' Jake will be there, and I haven't seen him since he was working on the tan and reading Voices from the Margin on the lawn outside his apartment at Huntington College 1.5 years ago. Oh well, at least I'll get to be with Urrka, and since she's the most important human being to me, that's a good deal. I just wish numbers 2-5 could also have New Year's Eve hang-out time (oooooooooo, did you make the list? If your name is Trevor and you're the only person who reads this, you can be confident with much percent certainty (because we're never certain are we? us post-moderns) that the two-spot is reserved for me own flesh and blood.

And on that note, I am going to use my eyeballs to read books.


Trevor said...

I have so many comments to make and so little time (actually I don't really have many time constraints, but that is an old saying modified for my personal usage (which is very egocentric of me but I don't care) so I didn't want to change it too much.).

First of all I am totally pumped to finally know what DVD stands for! I thought it was Dude, Video Dukie, but there's no comma in it so I was confused.

Second, probably the worst news of the day for Ryno-cola (a nickname for the Ry-man (which is another nickname for Ry-bread (which I also used in our childhood for my bro Ryno-rific (who I sometimes called Ryne Sanberg (a former Cubs great))))), we no longer have HBO or Cinemax. I don't know why, one day they were just gone. I guess they didn't want Ryno-rama to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I can't remember what else I wanted to say, I read the blog entry so long ago.

Jeff BBz said...

I'm special persons 3-5 no doubt. I rest assured. Ah blessed assurance, jesus is MINE! BURN IN HELL RYAN! HAHAHAAHAHHA

see you later

jone lisinicchia said...

hey bree, i've been reading your blog without really saying anything for a few months now and i just relized that i never have shared my blog with you. i miss old friends, things are new and good, but differnt and not old, but thats okay, but sometimes i wish it was all times. how are you?

Jagey said...

hi ryan, trevor, paco, and jone. this is jage. ryan & trevor it was great seeing you over christmas break, we had a blast with your parents. they are the coolest people ever and the only reason i still stay in touch with you.

speaking of staying in touch, sorry i suck at it. we still don't have internet access, but we'll have it eventually. when we do...lookout! i still won't be any better at keeping in touch, but at least i'll be out of legitimate excuses. laters!