Shire of Worchester

I haven't done said nothing in a while, so here it is. It was pretty fly to see some gang-time over the break. I saw me some good pals, although there were some gaping omissions. Dang. I just picked up Mr. Show Season 4 with my Best Buy gift card, so I am looking forward to some quality time with the television. That's a pretty sad statement. Oslo, I'm bout to get me hard drive, so I don't have to lose thesis work over the next number of times.

Speaking of times, I wish I had mo money so I could go snowboarding more. It's so dang expensive to go out here. And by dang I mean dang.

In oddission, I watched the Longhorns beat the Trojans last night and was happy for Andrew V, because he probably doesn't care that much about the horns. I guess that just goes to show that trombones trump condoms. Exciting

I was just thinking about Cris Craigo. Paco, JJay, and I sure had some good times with CC back in the day.


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