ADM Business Machines

JJay - What are your favorite Arrested Development moments? Mine are when George Sr. teaches George Jr. a lesson about teaching lessons to George Michael, GOB's Chicken Dance (every time he does it, but the #1 is when he does it to Buster on the construction site...Buster's reaction is television gold), and the Hermano confusion (specifically all the times that GOB says brother to Michael in various languages). Sorry to not include you here Trevor. You can borrow the first two seasons if you want. It's up to you. I'm not making you. Quit acting like I'm making you.


Trevor said...

You're always trying to force me to do something, like follow you around saying, "Behold, the great Ryan of Huntington, before whom you must cringe and shudder." It's okay, I kind of like it.

Jagey said...

Trevor, you have to watch AD.

Ryan, it's funny; I was just talking to Andrew V a few minutes ago and I brought up AD and the example I gave him of why I think the show is so funny is the whole Hermano thing.

Gob: I really appreciate you helping me out, mon frere. That's French for "brother." I only wish we could find this Hermano guy.

I also really like the moment when Gob makes the yacht disappear and then Michael asks him how he did it and he says:

Gob: Well, a true magician never discloses his...I blew it up!

Man, there are so many other moments. I just really like Gob a lot. Pretty much, everything he says cracks me up. The season finale for season 1 has a couple great Gob monologues. Also, whenever he does a magic act, the same music always plays and it is so awesome.

Incidentally, sorry I haven't been commenting here very often. Southwest Allen is basically my internet sugar daddy, but they block pretty much every site that is interesting. They even freaking block Wikipedia, the jerks! I mean, the awesome people who I hope will give me a job...