America, We Stand As One

So whenever Trevor does some blogging, it's usually thought-provoking and good. I'm going to take a stab at that. Today I was driving to work and there was a car in front of me with a big American flag decal in the back. That fad seems to have passed so I was reminded how crazy it was when it was popular. Honestly I was kind of annoyed by the whole thing because I wasn't really sure what purpose it accomplished. The whole nationalism thing has always been lost on me. The especially interesting thing is that in the constitution, it expressly states that no flag should be displayed that cannot wave freely. Thus, by getting caught up in the nationalistic wave, many people were compromising the wishes of the constitution they so wholeheartedly endorse. I wonder in what other cases this takes place. Perhaps the way that the cross has become such a symbol of Christianity when it was a torturous instrument of death. It should cause us grief. I realize Christ's death is one factor in the source of our hope and joy, but the popularity of the cross seems to ignore its brutality.

Point number 2. The current fad is the yellow ribbon on the back of your car to support the troops. I wonder what it means to support the troops. I'm sure that most people who display such stickers would say I don't support the troops because I am a pacifist and non-patriotic. But the thing is, I wholeheartedly support provision for soldiers and their families, especially if they are injured in service to the nation. I don't agree with methods utilized in 'protecting' the country and so forth, but I still certainly support the people involved. I certainly hope that everyone can survive the conflicts they must be involved in, and in return they should be well taken care of. So I don't support the decisions of the leaders of the country, but I support the troops. Also, the ribbons seem to serve a greater purpose than the flags because I think the profits go to assist soldiers (this may be wrong, I just heard that somewhere). I hope this isn't too offensive, but given my knowledge of my readers, I think I'm in the clear (not for you agreeing with me, but at least not being offended). Some may say this is a false dichotomy, but I do not believe this is so. Ultimately my point here is that so many people say to support the troops, but I think this means very different things to different people. This seems to take place often in the world. People can mean such different things by affirming the same concept.

I guess the second point doesn't spout profundity, but the decals are related, so it follows. Plus, this is one of my first attempts at being serious. Enough excuses.


Trevor said...

First, I thought your prior blog about Ticketmaster of the Universe made a great point.

I agree with you that you can support the troops without supporting a given war or any war for that matter. I used to be brainwashed by Rush (in my more conservative political days) into thinking it couldn't happen, but really the way you put it makes sense. So nice work on that one.

On the whole flag and cross thing, I think you're right on that they become dissociated from what they truly represent (as expounded so well by M.W. Smith in "Cross of Gold." A junior high favorite.).

Here's my discussion point. While the cross was an instrument of brutal death, and in some sense it should cause us to grieve, as you said, it is also a source of hope in the provision of God, so it can cause joy. And hasn't it been used since the very early Church as a sign of the Christian faith? Correct me if I'm wrong on that point. I think the problem may be more that we don't often consider the depth of the meaning of the cross, in both its sorrow and joy.

Ryan 1 said...

True. True.

Trevor said...

Are you ever going to blog again?

Trevor said...

I was serious about you blogging. I sit her (I didn't mispell that, just using Ching to the y language) at my pooter just waiting to read your writing. I can't wait much longer!

Matthew said...

Hey Ryan. Haven't seen you or Trevor in awhile. I found your site through a labyrinth of other sites and thought I'd say hi. My sister and Jay are going to move out to Colorado about the same time as Osberg's. Our mom's hung out a couple days ago and it made me think of soooo many Americas funniest Home Videos nights. Well, hope you like it out there in Colorado. Peace.