Best MacGyver Ever

I just found out Damien Jurado is coming to the Marquis at the end of March. That'll be splendid. I bet I'll even go. This past weekend, Sigur Ros, The Photo Atlas, and Damien Jurado all played, and I didn't go to any. Euriskw got super-sick, so I stayed home to take care of her. Insert applause here. I can't believe what a good hub-sand I am. Seriously. I deserve a medal or something.

On a similar plane of existence, I got A Long Way Down from the library (finally), so I've been reading that and I really enjoy it greatly. Ole' Nick is quite the beautiful man. Also, I managed to get my hands on TWO DISCS of Sigur Ros live from Grand Rapids. We're talking about beauty that makes the tears form. Geriatric-style

I guess that's all that's new. JELLY


Trevor said...

Your musical/literary/cinematic interests require four years of foreign language I have not partaken of.

Jagey said...

How are you liking A Long Way Down? I dug it, but not as much as his other stuff. Maybe my taste is changing, maybe he's losing his touch...probably just me.