Greg Cannot Have My Bread

Are you ready for good news/bad news? Let's do good news first just to construct a mess hall out of crude materials. I just found out that Arrested Development Season Three will be available for purchase on June 13, 2006. Interestingly, that date falls approximately three weeks prior to my birthday (for those of you who enjoy a relationship with me that involves gift purchases, feel free to fill in the blanks of my subtleties and draw the conclusion that some things just mentioned are by far number one on what I would enjoy for such a time). Then I can sit and enjoy until you won't believe.

Now it's time for the bad news. The other day I saw a preview for a new show. I don't know what it's called, but it may be Brothers and Sisters (yes, like the under-rated ep from Coldplay). It seems that it is about a dysfunctional family and is supposed to be some sort of subversive new satirical sitcom that changes the way we look at sitcoms (does it seem to be coincidental that this is the exact description/definition one might assign to a certain brilliant long-syllabled show that might be called Arrested Development?). Earlier, when I asked about plagiarism, I now have an absolute ostensive definition. I know I shouldn't wish ill on others, but I hope this show crashes and burns, because it stole the brilliance of a ratings-challenged show that was forced into cancellation way before its time was up. If this show succeeds, it will be sucking from the teet of someone else's mother. I realize I say all this without ever having seen a single episode, but it doesn't matter. Plus, I will never watch a single episode to avoid the misunderstanding that I have any amount of support in my system. I have done all I can to support Arrested Development, and it was all for naught (at least fox is kind enough to share the episodes in dvd form).

So here's to the new Brothers and Sisters show not getting picked up for more than its initial batch of episodes (which is hopefully eight or less, we wouldn't want anyone laying hold to any bragging rights beyond the episode duration of Freaks and Geeks or Undeclared).


Jagey said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've now seen all of Arrested Development seasons 1 & 2 and I'm convinced it is probably thee funniest show I have ever seen, if not one of the funniest. I want them to perpetually continue making episodes until everyone involved is killed.

That's just my humble opinion (I would write my HO, but I think it would be mildly inappropriate, so I won't.)

Trevor said...

Have you ever heard of a little show called the NCAA Basketball tournament? It gurgles in my loins (I almost just wrote lions) and fills my bowels with wonderous feelings of excitement and anticipation. That crap starts in an hour.

Trevor said...

I thought you said you posted again. My soul is now downcast.