The Dog-Eyed Wafer

Here in Denver, I'm working at the Seminary's bookstore, which turns out to be a pretty great job. Most of the time, I do things in the back, away from people. I was sort of reflecting on this, and how I'm glad I don't have to talk to people often. That's pretty sad, and I wasn't really the same way when I worked at the theater in Huntington. Obviously there were customers I didn't want to deal with, but the feeling is so much more intense now.

The point is, I realized that Christians are much less pleasant to work with in Customer Service than other people. Obviously this is not always the case, but they are more likely to be rude, demanding, and generally unpleasant. The worst is when people call from a church and need some books. These people are often more demanding than any other people I have served. I don't know the cause of this, but that's ridiculous.

The same was true when I worked at Applebee's. No one wanted to work Sunday brunch because Christians would come in after church. They would tip poorly, be really demanding, and their kids would make a huge mess. I was talking to a friend who works at a coffee shop, and the same rings true with his Christian customers.

I don't want to simply be destructive with this, but I wonder why this is the case and what the solution might be. The people who are called to give up their rights cling to them more desperately than the world around them. We are called to place others before ourselves, yet we demand that others serve us without gratitude.

So here's my proposal. Everyone who decides to follow Jesus has to work in some sort of customer service for at least a year, preferably in the food service industry. That's the new rule. I'm going to call the Pope and see if he can issue a statement to the Catholic church. I guess for the Protestants I'll call Rick Warren since he seems to be the Protestant Pope. Hopefully this will create a new community that is sweet.


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Paco said...

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Jagey said...

Your comments about Applebee's were right on. I remember getting really embarrassed when I saw people I knew from church treat these non-Christian servers like total crap and then tip poorly. It basically turned them off to Christianity completely (although I suppose the book is never completely shut, so I should stop using the word "completely").

The sweetest thing ever was when someone didn't leave a tip at all; rather they slipped one of those tracts that looks like a $20. The server got really excited, because they had been horrible, so he thought the dad was making up for it. Then he saw that it wasn't real money at all and there wasn't any other money on the table.

Now, I'll go ahead and admit that it is possible that he inadvertently left the $20 tract. Still, I find it hard to believe that this man carries them in his wallet with his other twenties or that he would be that absentminded. Rather, I'd like to believe that he's just a jerk.