Podcasting Trickery

I keep hearing all this hubub about podcasting. Well, not so much hearing as I downloaded the new version of iTunes a few weeks ago and everytime I open it the "podcasts" thing is on the side and I keep looking at it. So I thought I would check it out.

I went to the music portion (naturally), since people I don't know, talking about things I generally don't care much about sounds like about as good of a use of the downloading time and space of my computer as me giving my computer the job of finding any time anyone has used the phrase "you can't stop this train" on any messageboard in the history of the internet (including when it was called the Information Superhighway and Candace Bergren did MCI commercials advertising it on breaks from the hilarious hit show "Murphy Brown"). So I subscribed to about ten podcasts that sounded pretty good. I listened to a couple of them and they were nice and all, but not the best. Then I came to a couple that I was pretty pumped about listening to. The first one was a BritRock podcast. I started listening, and it started off with a Decemberists song, so I was excited to the max.

Then to my eternal horror and utmost dismay, there was twenty minutes of the host talking about video games (for my thoughts on radio talk-shows, c.f. above). Then the show wrapped up, and I was left, feeling like some sort of rabbit had entered the room, become friends with me, we spent two years together and then decided to start a small business fixing shoes and giving haircuts for lawyers (of course I did the shoe-fixing and the rabbit (whose name is obviously Gregory) did the haircuts), and eventually I introduced him to his wife and I was their best man, and then suddenly he tells me he hated me all along and he was working for a program that helps rabbits get over their hatred of people like me and it didn't work at all so he's moving back to Lebanon.

I still have a couple of the podcasts I initially downloaded left to listen to, but I think it suffices to say that I no longer have any type of excitement remaining for the unheard casts. I guess I should have listened to the little guy in my mind that was saying, "Broseph, You hate the radio picking your music for you. That's why the pod is an excellent buddy. Why do you think it will be any different with podcasting?" But then I said, "podcasting is different because anyone can put stuff on there, so it is not just popular music. I'm sure there is some good music on here." Then the little guy said, "Don't count on it. Even if there is good music, there will be something wrong with podcasting." And I said, "I don't care. I wanna listen to it no matter what you say." Then, though the little guy in my mind knew podcasting would let me down, he loved me and knew that I had to learn some lessons on my own, the hard way. So he stopped arguing and made a delicious mug of Dazbog Hermitage House Blend coffee (check out www.dazbog.com).

I should have listened to him. Now I am only left to sit here and wallow in misery over the time I wasted downloading those podcasts and listening to them, resulting in more wasted time. Good gravy. At least I can enjoy some soothing comfort from Mr. Yann Tiersen before I lay my weary head to rest.


Trevor said...

First of all, dazbog coffee is about as good as tomato juice strained through my socks after I'm done working out. And it that really sounds good to you I'll sell you some for $7.50 (because I have to make enough to buy new socks, maybe cool Puma ones).

Second, did anyone hear the new Kanye song? It is quite sweet and when I heard it there wasn't a 20 minute commentary about various rash creams.

Thirdly (is that a word?), how did it feel to waste 20 minutes of your life in which you could have been playing some T-Dub (Tiger Woods golf on PS2, very sweet) or busting some sweet breakdancing moves on your wood floor (you can use mine if you don't have any).

Trevor said...

Dang, I just went and read the DazBog story and now I feel like crap. Use Ryan's link to read about it before you dis on some hard-working immigrants who have way more courage and ingenuity than I ever will like I just did.

Ryan 1 said...

Clearly you haven't tried the right brews of Dazbog, because I rather enjoy it a lot, and I drink many varieties of coffee.

Trevor said...

Yeah, but you like French Roast, and anyone who would stoop to drinking that is not cap(e?)able of recommending coffee. You need to check out Sumatra and Verona from Starbucks or Espresso Roast from Kaladi Bros.! We'll have a coffee drink-off later!

Ryan 1 said...

First, I DO NOT like French Roast. We all know that I bought that because it was $13 for 3 pounds at Costco. I do not enjoy it, it simply serves as something to drink. Secondly, anyone who would stoop to recommending something so unoriginal as Starbucks coffee is not worthy of recommending coffee. Third, Peaberry coffee is delicious.

Jagey said...

Firstly, you guys need to stop knocking the French and their roasts.

Secondly, if you're interested, our church podcasts the sermons (which I have mixed feelings about, but anyway). If you want to hear what I hear every Sunday morning, go to the podcast section in the music store and search for "muncie alliance church." The sermon from this past week was actually pretty interesting and I wanted to talk to you about it sometime, so if you have time to take a listen, we can argue.

Incidentally, my church rules because there is free espresso and lattes and mochas every morning.