Intro to Ryan's Mind

So I tend to be skeptical things such as these (blogs, that is). But since everything my brother does eventually seems like a good idea, I'm starting this thing. I don't really know if this will be of any value, but when I think of crap I'll write about it. That's how this works, right? I guess this makes me a slave to popular culture in addition to being narcissistic (you have to be to assume that what you have to say is worth enough to share it with others, right?)

In the end, the biggest reason for this is that in college, I had some great buddies with whom to chat Theology and Philosophy. Dig? I don't have that anymore. Actually, now I have Trevor to fill the place of five chat-buddies. In addition to the difficult task of becoming five people, Trevor tends to think along most of the same lines as me, so we mosly get together and agree with each other a lot. Maybe now, everyone can disagree with me and I can regain the joy of disdain for my ideas that was so greatly applied in college.

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I disagree.