Before the semester starts, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my nephew Isaiah for standing up on his own for 10 seconds this morning. Huzah.

Here I am, in my broseph's house, waiting for the waiting hurt. Last night I finished the first volume of Samurai Champloo. That's right, I watch anime. Here is my confession. I love Ghost in the Shell, Samurai Champloo, and Cowboy Bebop (#1 forever). That's all though. No mas. So deal with it. I don't know how you think I'm gonna try to hear that.

But the best news of the year...PACO'S COMING HOME SOON. Of course, this doesn't mean anything to me initially. In fact, it means I have to miss out on tons of fun parties in Chi-town, H-town, and IU-town. There will be insane gravy with super-bros sans Ry-Ry and I'm probably going to pout for awhile. However, there are some possums that O-P will head up one mile to Denver (what-what) and talk about Afgy and Paky at a lot of places here in fulfillment of contractual obligations to the nation of South Korea. If such deals could come to pass, I would rejoice.

Speaking of rejoicing/mourning the Oz-man cameth last week and it was super-deluxe grande depot station. We kept it real for reals...Jeff-style. That's another hopeful possum. That 42 Euros will move here. So many hopes dreams, I need to read Moltmann while listening to Keane.

Don't fake it or you'll break it.


Trevor said...

That was a straight up crazy blog yo! If I didn't know your frizzles I probably would have been lost to the hizzy! I hope for 2 Pac Shaker to come here as well to speak to my peeps at the SG.

Jagey said...

To reiterate what Trevor said in English, I'm just suprised I understood all of that. Or at least, I think I understood all of that...