On Sunday morning we had communion as always at church and I noticed some great hilarity (perhaps communion is not the best time to make hilarious observations, but what am I supposed to do? Not observe. Although I have always had a difficult time observing things such as the milk in the fridge when it is right in front of me or my wallet when it is in my back pocket, but I have somewhat keenly developed my powers of observing human phenomena to a level that has unfortunately led me to cycnicism which I am trying to grow out of and shed like an old snake living by the riverside who doesn't have much left to live for except the occasional tired rat or bird egg that slowly wanders by that has even less to live for (although one may presume that an egg has plenty to live far as it hasn't really done much of any living yet) and allows the old snake to eat it thanks to its ambivalence to life and such growth pursuits seem to be effective).

When I was going to a Lutheran church and everybody had to come to the front for communion, everybody pretty much got the idea. First row people get up and form a line...when possible, second row people get up and join the back of the line, etc, ad infinitum, until everyone has taken part and been seated. The same is the case in the Catholic churches I have attended. People get it.

The hilarious thing is that at my current church and the church I was recently attending, nobody gets it. Everyone gets up all at once and mashes into a huge blob vaguely resembling a line like the church is going to run out of bread and wine (or grape juice as the case may be) before they can take part in the Sacrament. Why is this the case?

Because evangelicals don't seem to be accustomed to getting out of the ol' chair for some communion. This isn't scathing criticism, by the way, more of an observation that really amused me (and Urrka for that matter, so I'm not the only one). This is probably a thing you had to be there for, but Joe, imagine 150 people in folding chairs, suddenly mashed up into a big jam, and you may find some entertainment.



Trevor said...

I also have difficulty observing the milk in your fridge or your wallet, and mine for that matter. I also have difficulty observing that if I don't eat lots of food it will be okay (even really good you might say).
As for communion/the Lord's Supper, I like the log jam because it forces you to notice that you happen to not be alone in a gigantic auditorium with a person who will speak to you for 35 minutes. Bumping into people is community, right?

joe frans said...

good job on being a shedding snake, good job growing your bains. i love humans in there wains. I love humans and their ways.