Antony Bonus

So I'm staying up later than I need to in order to kind of sit around and do nothing (I know, good use of time with a Romans mid-term in three days). I'm sitting here and I flip on Dave Letterman, just in time to catch...ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS. What a sweet stroke of good fortune. I didn't realize they are doing a US run (which they may have before, I don't really know). Regardless, this makes me largely happy and full of enjoyment. It was a great performance by the way. Now I flipped to Jimmy Kimmel (I'm not sure why), and they just said that Thrice is the musical guest tonight. What a pleasant eve for music. Great great fun.

Since we're on the topic of music (as I almost always am lately, I guess it's just one of those months), I saw something I thought was kind of funny. When I was seeing how cheap I could get Joanna Newsom's single of Sprout and the Bean (not that cheap by the way), they had a little ad for a magazine that I think was called Under the Radar, and Death Cab for Cutie was on the cover. This struck me as odd, since Death Cab seems to be largely above the radar compared to many other bands. They're on iTunes essentials (the first video essentials ever) among many other things. Plans was advertised in the Best Buy, Target, and Circuit City ads (I'm pretty sure Transatlantacism was also). In addition, although it's Ben's side project, Postal Service songs are featured on ads for a doctor show on ABC and a Kaiser Permanente commercial.So I guess my question is, whose radar are we talking about here? It seems that in the realm of those who don't simply listen to music, but make it a major part of their life, Death Cab is not under the radar. Even if not all of these people are not familiar with their music as they may be into other styles of music, they have certainly heard of Death Cab. Who knows? If I was publishing this magazine, I think I would put Of Montreal on the cover. Has anyone listened to them lately? Sweet.


Ryan 1 said...

Editor's note: I put this picture up at the end and I glanced at the top...Franz Ferdinand? Billy Corigan? Sufjan Stevens? I think my point is confirmed.

Ryan 1 said...

It's me again, one day later...and this morning I was studying at a coffee shop...Death Cab for Cutie was playing in the store...more confirmation.

Jagey said...

You're so full of confirmation. Incidentally, I couldn't get Everything Is Illuminated at the library because it's out until Nov. 6, but I did grab his new(er) one, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I'll let you know how it fits.

Incidentally, I will e-mail you someday, probably before the new millenium.