Concert week 2005

I just realized, this may be the best and worst week of the year. First, why it is the best. There are four concerts in or around Denver this week. Tonight I am going to see the New Pornographers (don't worry Mom and Dad, they chose that name because they think that the music industry can be compared to pornography because it has perverted something beautiful, so they are trying to change that...subsequently, they are incredible musicians). Then, tomorrow night is Emery, the next night is Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and Saturday night is Death Cab for Cutie. I'm excited to the maximum.

Here's the lame-o part. I only have tickets to the show tonight and Death Cab on Friday. Normally this wouldn't be a problem because Emery will not sell out. However, Erika is currently sick, leading to this equation...
I'm already going to 2 concerts this week +
Erika is sick +
Last month we did a good job sticking to the budget and saved money, so Erika will not want me to spend a lot of money +
I have already seen Emery before =
There's no chance I'm going to get the thumbs up to go see Emery tomorrow night.

Oh what endless sorrow for a band as gifted and joyous as Emery to be in town and the Ry-man can't go.

Lame-o fact number two. Scary Kids Scaring Kids is on Thursday night. Take all the pieces of the previous equation, except take out me having seen them before, but add in that the show is in Colorado Springs (1 hour away) and you end up with the same conclusion.

I guess in the end, tonight and Saturday night will have to appease me. I'll have to apply the principle of being satisfied with what I have. Ultimately, that makes this whole experience good for my sanctification...Hooray!


Jagey said...

Hey, did you hear that one about a little hurricane called Katrina? Or how about Senora Rita? Hmm....? Maybe that'll shame some perspective into ya!

Well, I'm going to go spread some joy over this way. Later! (smiley)

Ryan 1 said...

Come on. There's no rule that says no one can ever complain about anything after a disaster.

Jagey said...

True, true.

So, did you hear that one about the suicide bombing?

Jeff BBz said...

plus i think emory sucks. but damn straight about the new pornagraphers. but i thought they took their name from cause jimmy swaggart or sumbody said "music is the new pornagraphy" either way you look at though, porn rules bad. and i think "jagey" boy knows what i mean. right jagey boy?

Ryan said...

O-Pac - you're probably right about TNP name origins, my sources may be flawed.