Okay, this may be the most fruitless blog ever. The other day I was driving in the car. I don't know what inspired this, but I started thinking about secular media's take on adultery and stuff. I think some people get caught up in believing nothing good comes from the media concerning this issue. Here are some examples of why they are wrong.

The Sopranos: Obviously Tony is a jerk when it comes to this subject. However, in the community of people he lives in, adultery is an accepted part of life. Everyone has a gooma. The wives don't ask questions. Yet, the problems this creates for Tony and Carmella are a focus of latter season four. In addition, Carmella deals with her attraction to Furio. Furio even moves back to Italy to avoid giving in to his attraction to Carmella. Now it is clear that his motivation is the consequences that would follow messing around with Tony's wife. However, his conversation with his uncle back in Italy suggests that this was not his only motivation.

In the Mood For Love (if you haven't seen this, you should. And you should not read this prior to seeing the film, because I necessarily must discuss some crucial points of the plot): Again, two people have every right to become involved with one another (if such a statement can be made). Their spouses are cheating on them with the other's spouse and they are left behind (so to speak). In the face of this, they develop an incredible relationship that ultimately results in the desire for romance. In response, he moves to another part of Korea, rather than go back on his vow to his wife.

I realize this isn't really breaking any ground, but I think that we can see virtue in secular culture. I'm not saying it's all great or anything, but these are only a couple examples of something that is somewhat encouraging to me in the face of Christian naysayers. Word.


Jeff BBz said...

psst...ryan...wong kar wai is from hong kong and in the mood for love is too. not korea. korea is still an awesome place though so don't worry. peace

Trevor said...

Also in Spanglish the wife commits adultery and it portrays the immense grief this causes her and clearly she thinks it was a mistake. Then Happy Gilmore's character almost hooks up with Penelope Cruz but in the end they don't.

Good call not just focusing on Desperate Housewives.

Ryan 1 said...

I suck at knowing things.